Welcome to the Westport Cupids website.

This website is a follow-up to the 36-page booklet entitled The Woodstock Tales, which describes a bit of missing Reed College history from around 1960.  The orignal Westport Cupids consisted of a bronze-colored metal statue of three cherubs, which became an ill-fated Reed trophy.  All that is left of them is one arm, which is now glued into an urn being watched over by the new Westport Cupids, a statue that was presented to Westport Dorm at Renn Fayre in April of 2007, and which now resides on campus in the Hauser Library archives.  The replacement is very different from the original, but it was the best substitute that we, the "Westport Culprits", could find.  

You haven't seen The Woodstock Tales but would like to?  The last of the copies available for distribution were picked up by attendees at the 2011 Centennial celebration, where the new Cupids were on display.  There are several copies available in the Hauser Library archives, where the new Cupids reside as well.  

But we have now published a 40-page 2012 online edition, which you can view or download in Word format here, or pdf format here.  (A blank page has been inserted next to the front and back pages in both formats, in order to make the inside pages pair up properly.)

It contains new photos and graphics, plus an epilogue which reports on what's happened since publication of the original.  The link will deliver the text in single-sided 2-up format.  We're looking into how to turn it into a double-sided booklet format that you can run through your printer using the manual duplex feature, but that's on the back burner for the moment.

To go along with the new edition of the Tales, there's a new version of CupidsNotes, eleven pages of explanation of the literary and other obscure references in the booklet.  We can almost guarantee that one or more of them went over your head.  If not, let us know!  Just click on CupidsNotes. 

This website contains some other material that wasn't in the booklet.  If you liked the largely irrelevant excerpts from the magazine New Scientist that appeared at the end of The Woodstock Tales, listing readers' suggestions for text messages sent home by aliens checking out Earth, you'll love the readers' more recent offerings of science-oriented pick-up lines

If you have any additional information about the original Cupids, or—pretty please with sugar on it!-—a photo of them, we urge you to contact us.  We would also love to hear your theory as to what the arm in the urn (see picture above) is holding.  Check out the last page of the Tales for our suggestions.  

And please do sign the guest book below. 

One development I'm very sad to report is the death on September 11, 2009 of "Culprit" Marjorie Ireland, nee Roston, from the ovarian cancer she had been battling for years.  It makes me very glad that she and Carol and I made the trip to Reed in 2007 to tell our story and present the new cupids.

Kelly Pomeroy, March 2012
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